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ANSSI’s Spinal Decompression Treatment

  • No Medicine
  • No Injection
  • No Surgery
  • No Side-Effects
  • No Hospitalization
  • 1/3 of a Surgery Cost

Starting at AED 596 Per Session Consultation Excluded

Free Consultation for Patients
with MRI or X-Ray reports


Avoid the risks of spine surgery

50% off on consultation with MRI Report
Treatment on No Cost EMI

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ANSSI Wellness

is Dubai’s Leading
Non-Surgical Spine Care Centre

Asia’s Premier USA Patented Spinal Decompression Treatment Centre

We will treat your chronic neck and back pain, regardless of how long you have the condition.

  • 5000+ surgeries avoided from India & overseas
  • >85% success rate, lifelong relief

Pain Relief at a fraction of surgery cost is our goal!

  • ANSSI 100% Non-Surgical Treatment
  • ANSSI No Medicines
  • ANSSI No Injections
  • ANSSI No Hospitalisation
  • ANSSI No Side-effects
  • ANSSI No Post-treatment physiotherapy

Depending upon the location of your pain,

we will provide a personalized spine care treatment plan with the goal of eliminating your pain permanently.

We treat various conditions of back, spine & neck pain

  • ANSSI Spinal Pain
  • ANSSI Slipped Disc
  • ANSSI Sciatica
  • ANSSI Spondylosis
  • ANSSI Disc Degeneration
  • ANSSI Pain radiating into the leg
  • ANSSI Neck Pain
  • ANSSI Back Pain
  • ANSSI Pain radiating into the hand
  • ANSSI Numbness in arms
  • ANSSI Tingling in arms

See How Our USA Patented
Spinal Decompression Technology Works

Anurag Bhatia, Delhi, Businessman

For more than 6 months, I had severe neck, shoulder & left hand pain, along with tingling & numbness. It was affecting my daily family life & business. I had tried Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment but did not get expected relief. Many Ortho Surgeons from Delhi advised me that Spine Surgery is the only option. I was worried about my life. I was searching online and found ANSSI Wellness providing non-surgical treatment. I travelled from Delhi to Mumbai and started Spinal Decompression Treatment. After a few sessions, I had stopped all my medicines. The beauty of the treatment is that No Medicines, No Injections and No Surgery are required. I have successfully completed treatment and after one year also I don’t have pain, tingling or numbness. Even my MRI reports clearly show a positive difference of Pre & Post treatment. If you have Neck or Back Pain, please consult with ANSSI Wellness. Thank you ANSSI Wellness for helping me get back to living a normal life.


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GOAL: Live pain-free life forever

Our Spine Care Specialists

Dr. Joseph Cammarata

President & Co-Founder, ANSSI Wellness Centres

Dr. Joseph Cammarata is a spine care specialist and has been providing the Spinal Decompression Treatment in the US for over 30 years. He has successfully treated thousands of patients and is dedicated to providing treatment for chronic neck and back pain without the use of drugs, needles or surgery.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav

Senior Consultant, ANSSI Wellness Center

Having completed his MBBS from Talegaon, Pune and his D.Ortho from Bombay Hospital, Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav has worked with many govt as well as private hospitals as a Consultant in Orthopaedics. At ANSSI, he has consulted more than 1000 spine patients and treated more than 250 spine patients successfully through the Spinal Decompression Treatment.

Dr. Chetan Patil Borkhade

Senior Orthopaedic Consultant, NSSC Nagpur

An experienced orthopaedic surgeon with 2 years of experience in conservative spine management (non-surgical), Dr. Chetan Patil Borkhade chose the nonsurgical treatment of spine pain and problem after witnessing an increase in the number of complications in spine surgery and after searching various new methodologies to treat spine problems conservatively.

Why choose ANSSI Wellness?


We will clarify your every concern before you visit our clinic
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Our experience is greater than 85% success rate with eliminating pain and returning patients to their normal activities of daily living.

Treatment duration will be decided by the orthopedic and spinal decompression experts after comprehensive physical examination and review of diagnostic studies & reports.

Yes, definitely in most cases.

The goal of spinal decompression is to heal the disc completely and permanently without the use of drugs, injections and surgery. If you follow the treatment protocols and discharge recommendations, it’s unlikely that the condition will return.

As per your treatment plan, the doctor will recommend protocols to following during the treatment and after discharge. Following those protocols will help ensure that your condition does not return.

We will clarify your every concern before you visit our clinic

  • Will it cure 100% of my pain?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • Will it help avoid surgery?
  • Will the pain ever come back after the treatment?
  • What precautions do I need to take?

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