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    USA Protocol Based Expertise in Treating Cases of...

    Benefits of ANSSI's Spinal Decompression Treatment

    #1 Avoids the Risks of Spine Surgery

    #2 Cures Neck & Back Pain Without Medication or Injections

    #3 Saves Thousands of Rupees on Hospitalization

    #4 Addresses the Root Cause of Pain, Restoring the Disc to its Original Position

    #5 100% Machine-Based Treatment with Precision

    #6 More than 90% of Sucess rate

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    USA Protocol Based Non-Surgical Spinal Decomposition Treatment now in India
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    rp sinharp sinha
    05:49 09 Apr 24
    My name is Rabinber Prasad Singh. I started my treatment from Anssi Wellness Patna and I would like to say it is fully dedicated to the person suffering from spinal issues, the treatment is very helpful and the staffs are very helpful with awesome behaviour. Specially I would like to appericiate Dr. Hajra forher dedicated work. I am feeling 95% relax
    Ritu RajRitu Raj
    08:33 07 Apr 24
    I joined ANSSI Center at Patna.It's fully dedicated those persons,suffering spine issues.All staff's behavior are adorable,specially Hajra ma'am.she is such a dedicated physiotherapist & gorgeous lady as well.I am feeling 95%relief in my lumber back pain.It's credit goes to ANSSI Center(patna)n Hajra ma'am too.thanks
    Rahul KohliRahul Kohli
    09:08 10 Feb 24
    I am really really grateful to Anssi Wellness Team for the kind of treatment that they provided me and helped me to get back to my life.I work in an media agency and due to my work life I had started facing chronic Lower back pain, but initially I completely ignored it, Slowly the pain started to radiate down to my legs. I wasn't able to walk, sleep and focus at my work. I consulted few doctors and started taking Painkillers, and Physiotherapy. I felt temporary relief but again pain started and had become much more severe.I consulted with few Spine orthopaedic doctors and after seeing my condition everybody recommended Spine Surgery. I was in tremendous pressure as I was not able to manage my work and personal life, My family also suggested to not go for a Spine surgery, I searched on Google for Non-surgical Lower Back Pain Treatment and I found Anssi Wellness which specialises in treating Back & Neck Pain Without Any Medicine, Injections, and surgery.I booked an appointment & visited the Anssi Wellness Mulund branch. Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav Seen my MRI reports and told me that my L4-L5, L5-S1 Disc has Bulged out and How their Non-surgical USA Protocol Based Spinal Decompression Treatment can help me get back my Healthy Spine - without any Medicine, Injections, or Surgery. I was left out with no other option and decided to give it a try as I wasn't ready for a Spine surgery.I Immediately joined the treatment and after having 6 Sessions, I started felling 60% Relief. Physiotherapist Dr. Garima and Dr. Farheen taken a very good care of me, Technician Ganesh Given me lots of support and motivation to get well and all the Anssi Wellness Clinic team especially Dr. Vidya Zilpe who is a Spinal Decompression Treatment Specialist ensured that I Followed all the Do's & Dont's During the treatment, After Completing all the Sessions I got 85% Relief and I felt very happy that I avoided Spine Surgery, once Again I thank to all the Anssi Wellness Clinic Staff to help me get back to life.
    Lalit RajoriyaLalit Rajoriya
    13:49 08 Feb 24
    Honestly I won’t be able express how I’m feeling after therapy I have lot to appreciate specially Dr.Prachi for taking care of my spine and guiding me thru out the therapy and I wanna thank Dr.Avi Shah he gave me really positive gesture that don’t worry Lalit you will recover trust ANSSI I’m glad I got to know about this branch near my home in Prabhadevi ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ANSSI TEAM
    Ashwini NatekarAshwini Natekar
    07:44 05 Feb 24

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