Back Pain

Back pain can interfere with your daily activities and affect your quality of life regardless of whether the pain is severe or just annoying muscle aches.

Back Pain Symptoms

As per the location, form & cause of back pain, the symptoms can vary and may include:

  • Increase in pain when standing or sitting for a prolonged period
  • Rise in pain when lifting objects or bending downwards
  • Nagging pain that is experienced from time to time
  • Stiffness in the back when getting up after sleep
  • Radiating pain into the hip, buttocks, or legs

Immediate medical intervention is recommended in case of experiencing the following back pain symptoms:

  • Intense back pain that doesn’t go away with medications
  • Numbness & tingling sensation in the back and lower body
  • Extreme back pain experienced after an accident, injury or fall

Back Pain Causes

Common back pain causes include:

Back muscle/ligament strain & sprain Back pain due to sprains and strains in the muscles or ligaments is the most common cause and is generally the result of a sudden awkward motion or frequent heavy lifting.

Slipped disc (bulging/ruptured disc) When a spinal disc bulges or ruptures out from its original position and affects a nearby nerve, it causes back pain..

Arthritis Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is a very common cause of back pain, generally affecting the lower back region and causing chronic pain..

Osteoporosis When spinal bones become brittle & porous, the vertebrae of the spine can develop cracks, causing back pain.

Other causes of back pain comprise spinal conditions like:

  • Spinal disc degeneration
  • Intervertebral disc degeneration
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Radiculopathy
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • And many more

Back Pain Diagnosis

Back pain diagnosis generally begins with a physical exam by a healthcare professional, followed by reviewing the symptoms, your lifestyle and family medical history.

The next step involves conducting any or multiple diagnostic tests out of the following:

X-ray X-ray is generally conducted to help detect arthritis or broken bones, with subsequent MRI or CT scans performed for precise diagnosis.

MRI or CT scan These diagnostic scans generate detailed images that help diagnose spinal disorders and issues with nerves, tissues, blood vessels, etc.

Electromyography EMG is generally used to diagnose herniated disks or spinal stenosis (spinal canal narrowing).

Blood tests Blood tests are usually conducted to check for the presence of any infection that may be causing the back pain.

Back Pain Treatment

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