Lower Back Muscle Strain

Lower back muscle strain is among the top back pain causes, resulting in intense and persistent lower back pain that disrupts everyday activities.

Lower Back Muscle Strain Symptoms

Common symptoms of lower back muscle strain include:

  • Stiff muscles & pain in the lower back region
  • Radiating pain in the thighs, buttocks & legs
  • Pain that gets severe with movement, especially after stretching/bending/coughing
  • Difficulty walking or maintaining a straight back posture
  • Weakness or numbness in the legs
  • Back muscle cramps/spasms
  • Bladder/bowel-related issues

It’s important to note that lower back muscle strain is among the leading causes of severe muscle spasms in lower back area.

Lower Back Muscle Strain Causes

A wide range of causes is associated with a lower back muscle strain. This include:

  • Poor posture while sitting for an extended period
  • Physical activities that involve constant bending
  • Heavy lifting without proper back posture
  • Fall from a steep height
  • Age-related bone loss
  • Severe cough
  • Obesity

Lower Back Muscle Strain Diagnosis

A comprehensive physical examination and an enquiry about symptoms generally help diagnose a lower back muscle strain. However, some healthcare providers may carry out imaging tests such as MRI and/or a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis.

Lower Back Muscle Strain Treatment

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