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In the heart of India, a revolution in back pain treatment was born. A revolution sparked by ANSSI, a healthcare pioneer committed to a world where back pain no longer limits life’s potential. Our mission? To create a Back Pain Free India, one citizen at a time.

At ANSSI, we believe that everyone deserves a life unburdened by back pain. Too often, people accept back pain as an unavoidable part of life, not knowing that there are alternatives to invasive surgeries or medications riddled with side effects. That’s where our story begins.

Our story is one of relentless innovation and unwavering commitment to patient wellness. After witnessing the limitations of traditional back pain treatments, our founders embarked on a journey to find a better solution. The result is our patented, non-surgical line of treatment. A revolutionary approach that has the power to change lives without the drawbacks of medicines, injections, or hospitalization.

With over 5000 success stories since our inception, patients from across the globe, including India, South Africa, Iran, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Tanzania, and Canada, have been treated for a variety of spinal disorders without surgery. These stories aren’t just numbers; they are testimonies to our dedication and the life-changing impact of our treatment.

Our commitment to our patients goes beyond treatment. At ANSSI, we strive to empower our patients, educating them about their conditions and providing them with the tools to maintain their wellness even after their treatment is complete. This is because we know that our success isn’t measured in numbers, but in the improved quality of life of our patients.

But our vision doesn’t stop at the individual level. We’re also committed to spreading our unique line of treatment across the globe, inviting franchise partners and orthopedic doctors to join us in our mission. Together, we can bring this revolutionary treatment to those who need it most, bringing us one step closer to our dream of a Back Pain Free India.

The ANSSI story is one of relentless innovation, unwavering commitment, and a vision that reaches beyond the horizon. We’re not just treating back pain; we’re changing lives. And this is only the beginning.

Our goal is pain-free life for all our patients

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to eliminate Neck & Back pain around the world without the use of medication, injection or surgery. We believe that every human being is entitled to live a pain-free life. We constantly strive to find new technologies to make that possibility a reality.

Our Team

Dr. Joseph Cammarata

Dr. Joseph Cammarata

President & Co-Founder, ANSSI Wellness Centres

Dr. Joseph Cammarata is a spine care specialist and has been providing the Spinal Decompression Treatment in the US for over 30 years. He has successfully treated thousands of patients and is dedicated to providing treatment for chronic neck and back pain without the use of drugs, needles or surgery.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav

Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav

Senior Consultant, ANSSI Wellness Center

Having completed his MBBS from Talegaon, Pune and his D.Ortho from Bombay Hospital, Dr. Pawan Kumar Jadhav has worked with many govt as well as private hospitals as a Consultant in Orthopaedics. At ANSSI, he has consulted more than 1000 spine patients and treated more than 250 spine patients successfully through the Spinal Decompression Treatment.

Dr. Chetan Patil Borkhade

Dr. Chetan Patil Borkhade

Senior Orthopaedic Consultant, NSSC Nagpur

An experienced orthopaedic surgeon with 2 years of experience in conservative spine management (non-surgical), Dr. Chetan Patil Borkhade chose the nonsurgical treatment of spine pain and problem after witnessing an increase in the number of complications in spine surgery and after searching various new methodologies to treat spine problems conservatively.

Our Infrastructure

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