Neck Pain

A very common yet troubling problem, neck pain can limit your range of motion and affect day-to-day activities in a big way. Particularly, chronic neck pain could be the result of a serious underlying condition that requires medical treatment.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain symptoms can significantly vary depending on the cause and severity.

Common symptoms of mild neck pain include:

  • Neck muscle stiffness causing restricted movement
  • Pain that increases due to poor posture or sitting/standing for long periods
  • Increase in pain caused by specific actions or activities

Following are the signs of severe neck pain that necessitate medical attention:

  • Neck pain with tingling sensation, numbness/weakness in arms or hands
  • Radiating pain into a shoulder or arm
  • Stinging neck pain experienced in a specific area
  • Neck pain accompanied by a headache

Neck Pain Causes

There is a long list of neck pain causes ranging from as simple as poor posture to something as life-threatening as a heart attack.

Let’s check out the wide array of neck pain causes:

  • Muscle strain caused by incorrect neck posture
  • Neck injury or trauma
  • Heavy exercise with incorrect posture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated slipped disc pressing on nerves
  • Various spinal disorders
  • Degeneration of neck joints due to ageing
  • Meningitis (Inflammation of thin tissue surrounding the brain & spinal cord)
  • Heart attack

Neck Pain Diagnosis

After enquiring about your symptoms & medical history, the healthcare provider will conduct a thorough physical examination to inspect for muscle weakness, numbness, tenderness and range of motion without pain.

Diagnostic Scans & TestsOne or more of the following imaging scans or tests could then be carried out to help detect the underlying cause of neck pain:

X-RaysWith the help of x-rays, the healthcare provider can find out neck regions where the spinal cord/nerves could be affected by bone spurs, a herniated disc, etc.

CT ScanA CT scan can generate detailed images of the neck structures to help identify any abnormalities.

MRIAn MRI will provide detailed information about the soft tissues (spinal discs, nerves, etc.) and bones inside the neck.

Electromyography (EMG)EMG is the go-to diagnostic scan for diagnosing a pinched nerve that could be causing neck pain and also check health of muscles & nerves present in the neck region.

Blood TestsIn some cases, the healthcare professional may opt for blood tests to detect inflammation/infections that could be the reason behind the neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment

Overcome Your Neck Pain with the 100% Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment!

ANSSI’s USA-patented technology for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment has successfully treated 3500+ patients suffering from various spinal disorders without surgery.

Backed by the USA Journal of Clinical Research, it’s much better than other treatment options like surgery, steroid injections & painkiller medications due to the following benefits:

  • 100% Non-Surgical Treatment
  • No Medicines or Injections
  • No Hospitalisation
  • No Side Effects & Faster Recovery
  • No Post-treatment Physiotherapy
  • Safe without Risks linked with Surgery/Anesthesia
  • Lifelong Pain Relief at Fraction of Surgery Cost
  • Proven & Patented Technology Since 1994
  • Helped Avoid 3500+ Surgeries Globally
  • Effective as per USA Journal of Clinical Research

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  • 100% Non-Surgical Treatment
  • 3500+ Surgeries Avoided
  • >85% Recovery Rate

Benefits of Non-Surgical
Spinal Decompression Treatment

  • ANSSI 100% Non-Surgical Treatment
  • ANSSI No Medicines
  • ANSSI No Injections
  • ANSSI No Hospitalisation
  • ANSSI No Side-effects
  • ANSSI No Post-treatment physiotherapy
  • ANSSI Lifelong Pain Relief at
    Fraction of Surgery Cost
  • ANSSI Helped Avoid 3500+
    Surgeries Globally
  • ANSSI Safe without Risks linked
    with Surgery/Anesthesia
  • ANSSI Proven & Patented Technology
    Since 1994
  • ANSSI Effective as per USA Journal of
    Clinical Research


Maintaining proper neck posture, getting adequate bed rest and applying heat/ice packs can help treat mild to moderate neck pain at home.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment can provide relief from chronic neck pain in just a few weeks.

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