Chronic Neck Pain: Types, Causes and Treatment

Chronic Neck Pain: Types, Causes and Treatment

Neck pain that persists for a number of weeks is called chronic neck pain. It can be the result of various spinal disorders such as spondylosis, slipped disc, disc degeneration, etc. Chronic neck pain has become common among working professionals due to hours-long desk jobs that restrict activity & cause stiffness of the spine. Let’s check out the different types, causes and treatment options for chronic neck pain.

Types of Neck Pain

Following are the common types of neck pain:

Neck Stiffness

Pain experienced while moving the head. Generally involves soreness and may also be accompanied by headache, arm/shoulder pain, etc.

Sharp/Stabbing Pain

An intense pain experienced in a particular area of the neck that feels like getting stabbed with a sharp object.

Dull/Sore/Tender Pain

Soreness or dull pain spread over a neck region.

Radiating Pain

Pain which gives a feeling that it’s travelling from the spine to various body parts like arms, shoulders, hands, fingers, legs, etc.

What are the common causes of chronic neck pain?

Neck muscle strain and compression of a nerve in the neck region are among the most common causes of chronic neck pain. Other causes include:

Cervical Spondylosis

Wear and tear of the spine present in the neck region, generally due to age and sometimes caused by injury.

Traumatic Injury

As the name suggests, a traumatic injury is an injury that causes severe trauma to the joints, muscles, discs, bones and other tissues in the neck.

Poor Posture (Forward Head Posture)

As per a research study, an extra 10 pounds of weight is exerted on the cervical spine for every inch of forward head posture. Hence, regular poor posture, particularly that of the head, is closely associated with cervical spine disorders & chronic neck pain.

Cervical Herniated Disc

A slipped disc or ruptured disc in the neck region is referred to as a cervical herniated disc. It can cause extreme neck pain that may also radiate to other body parts.

Cervical Osteoarthritis/Spondylosis

Arthritis of the neck is called cervical osteoarthritis/spondylosis. It comprises degeneration of the bones in the cervical spine.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis

This spine condition involves the narrowing of the spinal canal due to wear and tear or injury.

Should you delay the treatment?

Detecting the reason behind chronic neck pain is very important as it could be the result of an underlying condition that may worsen over time, causing permanent damage or even death.

Hence, it’s well-advised to consult a doctor at the earliest and get yourself evaluated if you are experiencing persistent neck pain that is playing havoc with your everyday life.


A wide range of conditions and factors can cause chronic neck pain. Hence, an early, accurate diagnosis is vital to ensure speedy pain relief and avoid potential complications.

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Chronic neck pain accompanied by symptoms like weakness, numbness, tingling sensation, pain that radiates into other body parts, etc., is considered to be serious.

Neck pain that persists for a number of weeks is considered chronic in nature.

Chronic neck pain, if left untreated, can cause permanent physical disability.

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