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Mr. Pinkesh Nayak: 22 Years Old Disc Bulge Cured in 15-16 Days Without Surgery!

Suffering from a disc bulge with nerve root compression since the year 2000, mobile shop owner Pinkesh Nayak aged 40 had neglected the pain for so long that now he couldn’t even walk a single step!

He was suffering from extreme radiating pain in the lower limb from the buttocks down the legs with numbness & tingling sensation.

For so many years, he had dodged the problem by consuming painkillers and medications.

However, in the last 3 months, the chronic pain started hampering his walking ability until he couldn’t even walk.

While browsing the internet, he read about ANSSI Wellness Centre and decided to give it a try.

He met our Spine Expert at our centre, who explained to him his condition and the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment.

Keen to avoid surgery and its side effects, he began our treatment and within just 4 sessions, he was back to walking & sitting without any support!

He is amazed by the quick & significant positive effects of the Spinal Decompression Treatment, which has treated his 22 years old problem and provided 95% relief from all related issues in just 15-16 days!!

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