How to Prevent Neck Pain While Riding a Motorcycle? Tips To Prevent It

How to Prevent Neck Pain While Riding a Motorcycle? Tips To Prevent It

Neck pain due to regular motorcycle riding is a common condition experienced by millions of people across the world. This pain is not only limited to the neck region but is also experienced in the upper back, lower back & shoulders. It’s one of the main issues faced by motorcycle riders. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with this insightful blog to share proven tips that can help prevent neck pain caused by motorcycle riding.

Neck Pain While or After Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is generally viewed as an enjoyable experience but the accompanying neck pain can prove to be a major nuisance. So what causes this pain? To put it simply, neck pain can be a result of improper riding position, bike configuration, duration of the ride and also stress.

How to Prevent Neck Pain While Riding a Motorcycle

Now that we have had a brief idea about the main reasons behind neck pain, it’s time to get to know the tips & tricks that can help you prevent it. Let’s get started!

Stretch Before And After Riding

Making a habit of stretching before and after a ride can help you avoid potential injuries or soreness. It can help prevent neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain that can be caused due to regular motorcycle riding for long periods.

Simple stretching exercises such as neck circles, arm swings, forward folds, etc., can boost the flexibility of your muscles & mobility of joints, thus helping prevent injuries.

Adjust Your Posture

When sitting on a motorcycle, rectifying your posture by adjusting your seat height or marginally moving your hands on the handlebars can make a world of difference to your neck pain.

The importance of an excellent posture while riding a motorcycle cannot be emphasised enough with regard to preventing or reducing neck pain. Make sure to sit straight, avoid a slouch and don’t bend the neck region to look down. Instead, try to look around by moving your eyes.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is another crucial factor to keep in mind when looking to prevent muscle fatigue and the ensuing pain around the neck region. Fluids are essential to lubricate your joints, fuel your muscles and maintain optimal reaction time when riding a motorcycle. Therefore, make it a routine to drink ample water before and after a motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle Riding Posture to Prevent Neck & Other Pain

When it comes to motorcycle riding postures, there are 3 basic postures which can be followed while riding. Each posture has its advantages & disadvantages, and you need to adapt as per your motorcycle design and your body size. Let’s get to know the postures in detail!

Standard Riding Posture

As the name suggests, the standard riding posture comprises a relaxed back position and a neutral neck & shoulder position, with the elbows settled in the grips. Make sure that your forearms and elbows are in a parallel position to the ground and that you are not overreaching your elbows.

This posture is difficult to sustain when your body size is smaller than the motorcycle. In such a case, you will have to lean forward and overreach your elbows while riding, resulting in potential shoulder injuries.

Sport Riding Posture

Featuring a forward lean & forward tilt of the pelvis, the sport riding posture is a cool-looking posture made famous by movie actors and celebrities. Although aesthetically pleasing, this posture can cause considerable trauma to the body, particularly to the lower back region.

If your motorcycle design makes it necessary to ride in the sport riding posture, then ensure that your head is in marginal extension and the muscle at the top of your neck is providing support to the head. Also, your wrists should be primarily neutral and your feet marginally behind the knees.

This will help prevent/decrease neck pain. Moreover, it’s well-advised to avoid maintaining this posture for extended periods of time when riding at high speeds. At low speeds, try to completely avoid this posture if possible.

Cruiser Riding Posture

Similar in a number of ways to standing riding, the cruiser riding posture is the most comfortable posture when riding at low speeds. When followed correctly, this posture comprises the back and head in an upright position, relaxed hips & pelvis and the leg position at around a 90-degree angle.

However, when riding at high speeds, this posture can cause fatigue in the neck & abdominal muscles as forward-leaning will be required to maintain control of the bike.


Following the effective tips & tricks mentioned above can help ensure that your motorcycle riding experience is pleasant with the least amount of pain. In addition, doing yoga exercises regularly can further help decrease this neck pain.

If you have been diagnosed with a spinal disorder due to motorcycle riding, then contact the Spinal Experts at ANSSI Wellness Centre for Expert Guidance and Treatment.


Yes, wearing a motorcycle helmet that is heavy or ill-fitting can exert unwanted pressure on the neck and affect your posture while riding. This can cause neck pain.

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